We Are Proud To Be GREEN!

All of Our Paper Roll Products are Sourced Environmentally Friendly

Proud To Be Green

Here are a few facts about how the paper for our paper rolls are sourced:

  • All of our bond paper is made from by-products of other industries.

  • No old growth trees are cut down to directly make our paper rolls.

  • The pulp used to make our thermal paper rolls originates from environmentally compatible production, which means these trees are specifically grown for pulp, and 10 trees are planted for every 1 harvested.

  • NONE of our pulp comes from tropical rain forests.

  • Making paper takes A LOT of water! 96% of all water used is kept in the system, with the remaining 4% being treated and recycled.

  • All raw materials are selected for biological degradability.

  • All dyes used to make colored paper can be easily removed in the recycling process.

  • There is 100% re-use of residual materials, meaning there is no production waste to be hauled to a dump.

  • Our thermal mill has their own biomass thermal power plant, which means our emission levels are considerably lower than what is required.

If you’re buying paper from China, ask them what they do. We care about our future, and we’re not going to sacrifice the planet to make an extra buck!