About Paperjack.com

about us

Paperjack.com Paperjack is a manufacturer of point-of-sale thermal paper rolls and bond paper rolls for printing receipts. We have been in business over 35 years and supply over 135,000 retail locations throughout the country with our high quality paper rolls.  Our 40,000 sq. ft. production facility and headquarters is located in Michigan. We also have a warehouse facility in Nevada which handles shipments to the western part of the country. This way, we can get shipments to the East and West coasts quickly.

So why should you buy from us instead of our competitors?  We make our own thermal paper rolls using multi-million dollar automated equipment to precisely cut and tightly wind the paper rolls for smooth, jam-free, feeding in your receipt printer.  This means that we see every single thermal paper roll before it's put into a box, and if a roll does not meet our high standards it gets rejected and scrapped.  Our competitors are forced to buy by the pallet and then sell it by the case.  Their problem is that they have no idea whats really in those boxes, unless they open them all and inspect them.  Many times it's a low cost imported product that does not work very well; other times they may receive a lower grade of paper than what they paid for.  You will always get the same high quality, consistent paper roll products from us; we buy exclusively from the best paper mills in the world.