Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


Q.  Why can't I log-in with my User ID and Password from the old site?

A.  Registered accounts from the old site could not be transferred to the new site location due to database incompatibilities of the old site.  Therefore, you will need to create/register an account on this new site (click here to create an account).  If you need your order history from the old site, we can provide that to you by e-mail, just send an order history request to [email protected] and provide your name & email address used on the old site.

Q.  Why do I get an authorization decline, or processing error, in my payment method?

A.  The most common reason is that the payment address you entered for the order does not match with the billing address on file with your credit card account.  You have to make sure the Billing Details Address information you provide for your order (Step 2 of the checkout process), matches the Billing Address on file with the Credit Card or PayPal account used to pay for the order.  Other less common reasons are typos in entering the credit card number; or using an expired card; or providing an e-mail address different from the one on your PayPal account.

Q.  Why did I get a double payment confirmation to my order?

A.  You clicked on the "Confirm Order" button more than once.  You should only click on the "Confirm Order" button one time.  In those cases where a double order is submitted, we will notice it and contact you to make sure to process it correctly (inquiring whether you intended just one order or if in fact you wanted two of the same orders).

Q.  Do you Blind Ship orders?

A.  Yes, orders can be Blind Shipped to a 3rd party.  Make sure to let us know you want your order to be Blind Shipped in the "Add Comments About Your Order" box (Step 4 of the checkout process).  The packaging slip receipt will not have the Paperjack branding, it will just show that it was shipped from Warehouse #1 or #2.  Note: Make sure your payment/billing information matches that of your Credit Card or PayPal account (Step 2 of the checkout process) and that the shipping address you enter is correct for the location that you want the order to be Blind Shipped to (Step 3 of the checkout process).

If you have a question that is not shown above, please email your question to: [email protected] and we will respond as quickly as possible;