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3 in. x 165 ft. White Bond Paper Rolls #11030

SKU: 11030
Case Weight: 26.00lb

Price: $52.94

2 or more $50.94
5 or more $48.94
10 or more $46.94
20 or more $44.94
50 or more $42.94
100 or more $40.94
250 or more $38.94

Product #11030. Case of 50 rolls of (3" width X 165' length X 2 7/8" diameter) premium quality single-ply bond paper rolls, 100% lint-free.

Note: You can combine cases from different sized paper rolls to reach quantity discount levels. The cart will automatically calculate the discount price for the selected items.

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Paper Rolls
"Made in the USA" by Paperjack
Core ID (Inside Diameter): 7/16in.
End of Roll Warning: Red stripes (last 3ft. of roll, approx.)
Paper Type: Single-Ply Bond, Premium Quality, 100% Lint-free
Roll Diameter: 2 7/8in. (73mm) approx.
Roll Length: 165ft.
Roll Width: 3in. (76mm)
Rolls per Case: 50 rolls (shrink-wrapped interpacks)
Secured with Adhesive Tab (not glued): For quick opening and installation of roll.
Unit Price per Roll / Cases 1 $1.06 | 2+ $1.02 | 5+ $0.98 | 10+ $0.94 | 20+ $0.90 | 50+ $0.86 | 100+ $0.82 | 250+ $0.78
FREE Shipping FREE Shipping to business addresses! Residential addresses (homes & home-based businesses) will have to pay the UPS surcharge for residential delivery.
Packaging: Rolls are shrink-wrapped interpack layers within box.
Same Day Shipping: For orders placed by 2:00pm EST.
Weight: 26 lbs.


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